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About us

What to expect from runthecompany.com

Runthecompany attempts to provide useful information and insight into techniques in starting and running a business.

Consider Runthecompany as a useful resource and companion to accompany you on your business journey.

Information and material contained on this site is based on logic, research, experience and inspiration. It should not be considered as advice and does not claim to be perfect or even relevant for all situations and circumstances.

Runthecompany also attempts to provide a voice for business and stand up for those courageous and hard-working people that set up and run businesses. Businesses are the life-blood of a community and through job creation and taxation is the only source of funds to finance everything else in a country and beyond.

Links to resources, suppliers and providers and any mention of third parties are based on investigation as to potential relevance. Runthecompany is not in any way liable for the presentation, content, standard of product or service, financial stability or solvency of any business or resource mentioned or linked by this website.

Runthecompany.com is constantly seeking ways to enhance and improve content. Information may therefore update at any time.

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