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Seemingly complicated concepts are explained in simple terms so you can get on with the real business of doing business.

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Winning sales

Is there a workable and sustainable method to winning sales? We think so.

Healthy and ethical sales techniques means that not only do you win the business but with the same effort and time, you develop a trusted brand that delivers additional future sales with less effort.

getting sales
how to write a business plan

How to write a potent business plan

The business plan is crucial in raising finance but it should also shine a torch on your pathway to success.

We provide a gentle insight into the process of producing a vibrant business plan.

And it doesn’t have to be a chore.

The process should be stimulating and it might even uncover opportunities for your business that may not have occurred to you before embarking on this process.

How to simply get on with it

Is taking the plunge into starting a business similar to jumping off a cliff or stepping into a warm bath?

We explore the reasons why you might be procrastinating and ways in which you can reassure yourself to take action now so that you can get on with creating your new tomorrow. …more

how to simply get on with it

accounting made easy

Does accounting scare you?

When spending all your time starting a business, you can well do without having to learn what can seem to be a new language.

If bookkeeping, balance sheets and cashflow forecasts sound perplexing, tedious or both then click into this section for an introduction to the wonderful subject of knowing exactly where your business money is and what it is getting up to.

“Knowing your accounts is like driving at night with your lights on: it’s kind of important.”

What price should you set for your product or service?

Set your price too high and you won’t sell anything. Set it too low and you make a loss. We clarify some of the variables when deciding on price and also suggest some additional concepts to help you get pricing right. …more

pricing strategy and tactics

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